Aat Subcontractor Agreement

If you only provide services on a subcontracting basis, you do not need an AAT license. However, you must ensure that you have a subcontract that clarifies your role and responsibilities, as well as the agreed provisions for compliance with the IPI and compliance with money laundering compliance agreements. In a separate case, the payment of a 1/3-tax subcontractor provides a reasonable basis for calculating it. 2. At the end of the day, when the customer hires you and you relocate the work, the goat stops with you and you can`t put it on the subcontractor if something goes wrong. I`m thinking about storing some accounts. I also think of outsourcing accounts for companies ltd, because I think I don`t know enough to really do that (I have a few clients where I do accounting and they want me to sort the accounts for them to save them, with two people to do). The AAT provides an example agreement, but I have to complete the schedule of work at the end to describe what they will do. Does anyone have a wording that they used in such an agreement that I could use? Writing is not my strength! As extreme examples (not related to real issues) if someone would ask “I prepare accounts for a company. How are the figures indicated in the “benefit and loss account” that one would be a case where the person should not offer accounting services. You are not suggesting that you have done anything other than your skills, you have simply proposed an adequate facilitation of the needs of clients through a qualified, qualified and experienced third party. That is the part in which I agree with your initial contribution. To have a solid understanding of basic accounting, it is essential for each accountant and at AAT 2 level, you will explore the concepts of dual accounting so that you can prepare basic accounts up to the test balancing phase.

SAGE is one of the best-known computer accounting packages and in this course you will learn how to set up a business with SAGE and process simple transactions. With your initial point on outsourcing accounts, I`ve seen no problem with that (ok, it may be moral, but not professional as such). There are many accounting practices that are no more than sales fronts, since the work is actually done off the coast (the client is never aware of the agreement). As a professional member of the AAT, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with AAT`s licensing requirements and determine whether you have a licence and whether you need to monitor compliance with money laundering controllers. If you are exempt from the requirement for an AAT licence, you must immediately complete the licence waiver application and return it if you provide services. Membership in AAT is paid directly, please visit the AAT website for the current fee. 1. If you want to relocate the companies ltd to an accountant because you don`t feel able to do the year-end accounts yourself, should you have taken the date? Conversely, one might ask, for example, “what is a reasonable level to capitalize assets instead of making donations” that one would be where I think almost everyone would like to help. If you are a professional member but only self-employment on a voluntary basis for family or friends, a small charity or a non-profit organization, you do not need an AAT licence.

You can help yourself, provided that the following conditions are met: We are currently confirming the schedules and dates of this course. Please register your interest below or contact us for more information. To apply for the course or for more information, please contact Lisa Franks (Centre Manager) by email at Lisa.Franks@fmbusinessschool.com or by phone on 07876 196040 Accounts would be made by another accountant on a similar basis, unless I check the work.