U Of S Collective Agreement

Update (October 6, 2020): The University`s Board of Governors voted today to ratify the agreement described above. According to U of S Labour Relations, the 2% increase in the scholarship should be included in members` salaries from October 15, and the cumulative wage increase, retroactive to September, should be included in your October 30 cheque. We are the University of Saskatchewan Sessional Lecturers` Union. Through collective bargaining, we strive to provide our members with the fair wages and working conditions they deserve. Our members never stop working for their students and we never stop defending their rights. Fair representation for session teachers improves the quality of our students` training and strengthens our university community. Moving costs: up to $6,000 to help new employees with relocation costs, although more can be allowed in specific circumstances (see section 22.8). Members of the Faculty Association have access to a wide range of benefits. As a general rule, they are defined in section 22 of the collective agreement. Members are invited to read section 22 and summaries of the plan.

Abstracts can be posted on the HR website and under My Job in the “Personal” section on PAWs. In addition, details of the extension of health care and dental protection, including available warranty amounts, can be accessed via www.mysunlife.ca. Dental plan: This is an employer-funded family plan. It pays for 100% of basic services and 50% of the most important services at a maximum of 2000 USD per person per calendar year, 50% of orthodontic services up to a maximum lifespan. 3,000 USD under 19 years or 2,000 USD over 19 years. Some procedures require a pre-processing plan and some are covered only when the entire procedure is completed. An overview of the plan is available on the HR WEB website. Sabbatical and sabbatical leave: After 6 years of full-time service, a request for 12 months of leave with a salary of 90% or 6 months of 100% leave. A draft Sabbath must be approved by the dean.

There is an appeal committee if it is rejected. The authorization for additional sabbaticals is 6 months at 90% after 3 years and 12 months at 90% or 6 months at 100% after 6 years. You can be reimbursed up to 4,000 USD to cover the trip for your sabbatical. It is important that you continue to pay full pension contributions during the sabbatical. Staff and Family Assistance Program: Confidential counselling and counselling is available to all U of S members and family members. The EAP is overseen by an eight-member body, which includes both the representation of unions on campus and the administration. Information about programs and access to services is available online. Pension: All new employees are members of the academic money purchase plan. Contributions amount to 8.5% of the monthly salary, supplemented by the employer. On 2 September 2020, CUPE 3287`s membership voted decisively, but not by an overwhelming majority, in favour of accepting the offer of settlement proposed by the university.