Zin Membership And License Agreement

4.9. Selling real Zumba products. The course manager may use the marks in connection with the resale of authentic zumba products purchased by Zumba or a licensed distributor, provided that these sales are subject to the instructor`s Zumba classes or authorized events. The instructor can resell original zumba products on online commercial cards, provided the instructor identifies with such offers. To the extent that it is not included in a separate agreement, the instructor cannot sell Zumba products outside the area where these products were purchased (for example. B, products purchased in the United States must be resold in the United States and not sold outside the United States). 3 You cannot teach zumba Chair training. No newsletters or publications. The course leader may not use any of the marks in whole or in part as the title of a newsletter or other print or domain name publication. Subject to the need or desire to use a particular domain name, the course manager may use Zumba as part of the instructor`s domain name address for a website that promotes Zumba fitness classes in accordance with these policies and those in section 6.3 below: Competing Products. The instructor is not authorized to sell, propose, promote or promote products or services on such a site, which are in competition with Zumba or that decides Zumba by other means, dilute, denigrate or are harmful to the Brands or Brand Zumba. Transfer to Zumba. In the event that Zumba decides at its sole discretion that it wishes to use a particular domain name registered by the course manager and which contains all or part of the Zumba brand, then at Zumba`s request, the course manager transfers that domain name to Zumba, for which Zumba reimburses the instructor for any reasonable out of pocket costs incurred when registering such a domain name.

Zumba is not required to reimburse the instructor for the costs incurred in designing the instructor`s website. ID from the ZIN website. The instructor must clearly identify the owner of the domain name by entering his name and connecting it to Zumba.com to his ZIN profile. The link must be registered on the home page and must be stated: This site is owned and managed by Jane Doe, an authorized member of the Zumba Instructor Network. Please visit my profile at: Website. The course manager may use the marks on a website (including social networking sites) that the course manager uses to promote Zumba fitness classes for instructors in accordance with the following guidelines: Brand Mentions. Any use of the marks on this website must be in the specified form and, if necessary, include a notice of brand, and each website on which one of the brands appears must contain a caption in the following form (which must apply to all zumba brands used): ZUMBA and Zumba Fitness logos are zumba Fitness brands LLC, which are used under license. If a specialty brand is used on the site, the course manager must include the special character in the message. For example: ZUMBA, Zumbatomic, Zumba Toning and Zumba Fitness logos are trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC, which are used under license. Link to Zumba.com.

The website contains a striking hyperlink on the homepage of Zumba`s official website, Trademark Usage. The course manager must not use the marks in combination with other brands, service marks or other conditions, unless Zumba has approved it in writing.